How not to dig a ditch. A practical guide.

Directed by Adrian Silișteanu and written by Claudia Silișteanu, “Șanțul” won the Audience Award in 2013 at NexT International Film Festival. In this short comedy, Adrian Titieni plays the role of Vasile, a peasant from Ardeal without much appetite for work as opposed to his appetite for the wine in demijohn.

Santul de Adrian Silișteanu

Director: Adrian Silișteanu
Scriptwriter: Claudia Silișteanu
Cast: Sergiu Costache, Gabriela Popescu, Emilian Marnea, Adrian Titieni
Produced by: Adrian Sitaru, Adrian Titieni, Adrian Silişteanu, Monica Lazăr Gorgan
Cinematography by: Adrian Silişteanu, Dan Iancău
Film editing by: Andrei Gorgan
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Year: 2012
Duration: 18 minutes
Subtitles: –
Country: Romania

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On a hot summerday, Vasile, a villager of about 50, refuses to accompany his wife Lucretia to a religious ceremony, finding a good excuse: he has to finish the ditch in front of their house to avoid paying a fine.

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With „The Ditch”, the viewer’s role becomes one extremely pleasant and relaxed, without this meaning that the world and the characters in the movie are simplistic. On the contrary. Very easily, Adrian Silișteanu takes the actors into the heart of the problem and makes the viewer his partner in discovering, in a funny manner,  how things are in a village from Transylvania when it comes to dig a ditch.  One of those shorts that one wants to see time and time again whenever the opportunity.


“If we parallel it to a similar film, Adrian Sitaru’s ”Chefu”, the attitude inclined towards “spoken” character of thTransylvanian language limits the visual experience to an auditory one, although the image of both films is impeccable. The Diegesis annihilates the Mimesis in these two films (or at least suffocates it), making them chronicles of orality used for amusement purposes. (Sabina Bălan – )


“Then you are not doing it right. Think about it, she’s made from your rib, not you from hers.”


  • Transylvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days – short film – Romania, 2013
  • NexT International Film Festival, Competition – Romania, 2013
  • Anonimul International Film Festival – Romania, 2013


  • The Audience Award, NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2013

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