Andrea, Marcel and… a tramway

A surprising love triangle. Andrea, Marcel and… a tramway. Andrea loves Marcel, but she loves her tramway as well.

One of those short Romanian films that were shown at numerous international festivals. ”Andrea’s Tramway” was selected, among others, at Locarno International Film Festival.

Andrea’s Tramway by Alex Alex Iordăchescu - CINEPUB

Director: Alex Iordăchescu
Scriptwriter: Alex Iordăchescu
Cast: Maria Dinulescu, Bogdan Dumitrache
Produced by: Alex Iordăchescu
Cinematography by: Martin Matiasek
Film editing by: Jeanetta Ionesco
Category: short film
Year: 2005
Genre: romantic comedy
Duration: 17 minutes

81,562 – Cinepub viewers


The tram Andrea drives breaks several times. Is it her fault or pure coincidence? Andrea loves her tram, but the truth is that she also loves Marcel.

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A film full of humor and warmth, Andrea’s tramway invites us to discover Andreea’s world: a tramway driver who has a special relationship both with her boyfriend, Marcel, and her tram.

The couple Andrea-Marcel special dynamic is created by Maria Dinulescu and Bogdan Dumitrache, two Romanian actors who back in 2005, when the film was released at Locarno International Film Festival (Official Competition), were at the beginning of their important film careers.


  • Locarno International Film Festival (Official Competition) – Switzerland, 2005


  • Best Film, Fano International Film Festival – Italy, 2005
  • Best Director, Best Cinematography, UberCon New York – USA, 2005
  • Special Jury Mention, Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Greece, 2005