The Brass Bands Fascination

We present to you the documentary “The Brassy Bands”, signed by Cornel Gheorghiță, about the brass bands from Moldova.

The Brassy Bands by Cornel Gheorghiță - CINEPUB
The Brassy Bands by Cornel Gheorghiță - CINEPUB

Directed by: Cornel Gheorghiță
Script by: Cornel Gheorghiță
Producer: Cornel Gheorghiță
Year: 2007
Category: documentary
Duration: 52 minutes

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A story about Romanian brass bands from Moldova – porch brass bands.

More details:

At the beginning of the last century, Romanian peasants discovered the solemn music of the military bands when they went into the cities. They were so impressed by these that they wanted to have brass bands in their villages as well. With the arrival of the communists, these popular country marching brass bands were invited to participate at official events.

The regime confiscated their land, built immense industrial complexes and many of the farm-workers became factory workers. The brass bands then became a symbol of the people’s well being and the brotherhood between the farm and factory workers. With the fall of the Communist regime, many factories closed down.


  • Nominee, Krakow Film Festival (2008), Short Film Competition
  • Nominee, Days of Ethnographic Film (DEF) (2008), Best Documentary.
  • Nominee, CMCA – Centre Meditéréen de la communication Audivisuelle (2007), Best Documentary.
  • Nominee, Canada International Film Festival (2008), Best Foreign Film
  • Nominee, Bogota Film Festival (2008), Best Art Documentary.
  • Nominee, Biarritz International Festival of Audiovisual Programming (2009), Musique et spectacles
  • Nominee, Academia Film Olomouc (2007), International Documentary Competition
  • Nominee, Astra Film Festival Sibiu (2009), Astra Film Festival Award
  • Nominee, DocsDF, International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City (2009), Best Documentary
  • Nominee, Lublin Film Festival (2009), Grand Prix of Short Film Competitions
  • Nominee, Madrid International Documentary Film Festival (2009), Best Non-Spanish Documentary
  • Nominee, Mediawave, Hungary (2008), Mediawave Prize
  • Nominee, Mumbai International Film Festival (2008), Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Nominee, Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival (2008), Indigenous Peoples
  • Nominee, Trento Film Festival (2008), Premio speciale della solidarietà cassa rurale di trento
  • Nominee, Vancouver International Film Festival (2008), Best Documentary Short