Life passes, vlogs remain.

„Kinoglaz feat. Natural Born Vlogger” is a short experimental film signed by Alexandru Petru Bădeliță, which gathers a series of life vlogs made over 4-5 years.

Directed by: Alexandru Petru Bădeliță
Script by: Alexandru Petru Bădeliță
Producer: Alexandru Petru Bădeliță
Year: 2011
Genre: short film
Category: experimental
Duration: 7 minutes

1,649 – Cinepub viewers


The attempt of discovering the state of a man who makes his way to death.

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„Kinoglaz Feat. Natural Born Vlogger” is based on a series of “vlogs” (an invented word, derived from “blog”) – Youtube posts recorded over 4-5 years, in which Alexandru Bădeliță is talking about different events from his life. Arrayed in a multi-split-screen, the vlogs are more likely a background for a discourse on the self, on how individual stories define us and on the possibility of a new type of human communication that would take place in the vlogoshpere.


  • BIEFF, Bucharest, Romania, 2012
  • Filmul de Piatra Festival, Award for Best Experimental Short, Romania, 2012.