Described as a nostalgic comedy, “The Mystery of a Simple Case” presents the twisted and funny adventures of a married man in the meandering process of falling in love.

The Mystery of a Simple Case - by Vera Suratel - UNATC short film online on CINEPUB

Directed by: Vera Șurățel
Script by: Vera Șurățel
Cast: Ioana Abur, Mihai Călin, Nicoleta Hâncu, Virginia Rogin
Producer: UNATC
Cinematography by: Lőrincz Lóránd
Edited by: Alex Pintică
Sound: Octavian Rusu
Music: Octavian Rusu
Year: 2017
Category: short film
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 17 minutes

2,713 – Cinepub viewers


A cook that goes by the name Grișa (48 years old) is happily married to Eliza (45 years old), but all of a sudden, he develops a crush on the young woman next door.


The romantic government loves his citizens in the dark.
Maybe he’s cutting her neck with the bulb, huh? or maybe he’s screwing the filament into her eye and…pop! He’s taking her eye out.


„The cinematic discourse that Vera Surățel constructs is intelligible, and a clear legend can be made of it, from the tight shots to the pseudo-haotic ones accompanied by neon lighting, but not in a way that would make it predictable or less eclectic; The Mystery of a Simple Case remains a clever and jovial deconstruction of couple intimacy.” (Călin Boto, Dissolved Magazine)


  • Central European Film Festival Timișoara – ”Radu Gabrea” Award, 2018
  • Divan Film Festival, Romania, 2018
  • Anominul IFF, Romania, 2018
  • Filmul de Piatră IFF, Romania, 2018
  • Timishort IFF, Romania, 2018
  • Fiesta del Cine, Spain, 2018
  • CineMAiubit, Romania, 2018
  • Indie IPIFF 2018