Chronologically, night after night, the viewer can take part in the film’s shooting together with the director, the DOP, the sound editor and all the other crew members who made Lazarescu’s story possible. A making of that answers the questions raised by “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu”, a film by Cristi Puiu, which became a cult-film.

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, A Making of by Andreea Paduraru - CINEPUB

Director: Andreea Păduraru
Year: 2009
Category: documentary / making of
Duration:: 93 minutes

26,539 – Cinepub viewers


“The production of a film such as The Death of Mr. Lazarescu is an extraordinarily complex activity and my great fear was that I will not be able to capture this through images. Four years have passed and in 2009 I resumed the process of editing the footage. After all that time, it was much easier to decide on the approach: everything is presented chronologically, in the order in which the film was shot, although it does not follow the internal timeline of the film. From each day of shooting I chose what seemed to me to be of value, what transcended my temporary emotions and impressions. I was very interested in the emotions of the people who were working and the way in which they were interacting and I was less interested in the technique and the practical matters concerning the shooting process. At the back of my mind was always the fact that, for many days, we all lived only during the night (the film was exclusively shot at night). We learned about what was going on in the world only from TV or newspapers. I had the privilege of shooting and working on the making-of of The Death of Mr. Lazarescu and the privilege of taking so much time to finish it.” Andrea Paduraru.


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