The Romanian documentary My Beautiful Dacia, by Julio Soto and Ștefan Constantinescu, which had its international premiere at Montreal (Festival des Films du Monde), is an extravagant and humoristic odyssey from communism to capitalism. Everything is seen from the perspective of one of Romania’s most charismatic symbols: the Dacia automobile.

My beautiful Dacia by Julio Soto, Ștefan Constanstinescu - CINEPUB

Director: Julio Soto, Ștefan Constanstinescu
Write: Julio Soto, Ștefan Constantinescu
Cinematography: Alexander Stikich
Producers: Julio Soto, Ada Solomon, Alexandru Solomon
Year: 2009
Category: documentary
Duration: 75 minutes
Available only in Romania

37,083 – Cinepub viewers


My Beautiful Dacia follows several Romanians – from rich to poor, from old to young – whose lives are interconnected by this humble car, thus showing the present transformation of Romanian society from past to present. Can this car be the answer to Romania’s social changes?


  • Festival des Films du Monde, Montreal – Canada, 2009
  • Astra International Film Festival – Romania, 2009
  • Alpe Adria Trieste Film Festival – Italy, 2009
  • Documenta Madrid Film Festival – Spain, 2010