Pulsations, thoughts and illusations.

A subjective journey made by director Laurențiu Damian into the universe of the plastic artist Ion Nicodim.

Hearts of clay - Ion Nicodim - Directed by Laurentiu Damian - CINEPUB

Directed by: Laurențiu Damian
Script by: Laurențiu Damian
Produced by: Video Art
Producer: Marilena Ilieșiu
Cinematography by: Dănuț Pădure
Sound: Ștefan Matei
Editing by: Millo Simulov, Dănuț Pădure
Year: 2013
Genre: documentary
Duration: 37 minutes

3,795 – Cinepub viewers


The film is a breakthrough in the plastic world created by Ion Nicodim, in the absence of the master, who died in 2007. His great themes and fears, the artist and man Ion Nicodim gain a new consistency in a cinematic essay built under the sign of the heart.

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The film director Laurențiu Damian reconstructs the figure of the plastic artist Ion Nicodim (1932-2007), starting from pictures and films from the family archive, using artist’s lyrical-diarist notes. The documentary is a lively, spectacular, creative visual essay that highlights the works of Ion Nicodim – both sculptures of “Hearts of clay” series, as well as mural compositions, paintings, and installations.


„I thought that, through my art, I am above this passing. It was an illusion. But I got something in return: the right to build this game of return anytime I felt lost in my private loneliness.”

„If I think about it, I haven’t made paintings, not sculptures, but feelings.”