“The Hoods” is a Romanian short film directed by Bogdan Drumea. Sketching, in quick lines, the relationship between two brothers coming from a poor neighborhood, the movie won the Audience award at the NexT International Film Festival 2015.

Golanii de Bogdan Drumea - CINEPUB

Director: Bogdan Drumea
Scriptwriter: Bogdan Drumea
Cast: Adrian Bunea, Mihnea Vlădescu
Produced by: UNATC, Ioana Lascăr, Bogdan Drumea
Cinematography by: Eduard Pârvu
Film editing by: Ștefan Azaharioaie, Iulia Nunu
Year: 2014
Category: feature film
Genre: drama
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  Available only in Romania

735,209 – Cinepub viewers


Vlad decides to skip classes. His brother, Dragoș playing football. On the way back home, they try to understand eachother.

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Who would know better what’s going on in a 12 years old kid than his older brother? The one who was there, on the same road. The one who had to walk his way through the grey and shabby blocks of flats in the ill-famed neighbourhood he grew up in. A way back from school can bring a lot of changes in the future ways of the younger brother. That is if the necessary words and found and said, those keywords the younger brother will think about long after he said goodbye to his elder brother he gets to see so very rare.


„Yo, whom are you beating?”
„You thought he was on his own?”
„You got yourself beaten, not the first, nor the last time.”
„There is no glory in working like an ass for a shitty wage and just to pay some bills.”
„Always keep your head held high.”


  • International Student Film Festival CineMAiubit, Short films competition – Romania, 2014
  • International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand, Short Film Market, Clermont-Ferrand – France, 2015
  • International Film Festival Cinema Jove, Valencia – Spain, 2015


  • Audience award, NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2015