The Story Fisherman.

„The Image Fisherman”, signed by Alexandru Petru Bădeliță, recreates a story inspired by a Sașa Pană poem, using animation, documentary images and journal memories.

The Story Fisherman. - CINEPUB

Directed by: Alexandru Petru Bădeliță
Script by: Alexandru Petru Bădeliță
Producer: Alexandru Petru Bădeliță
Year: 2012
Genre: short film
Category: experimental
Duration: 11 minutes

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A mix between animation and journal documentary, inspired by a poem written by Sașa Pană.

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A hallucinatory LSD trip, „The Image Fisherman” is a mockery reinterpretation of the aesthetics of experimental cinema, a quirky exercise in free association and editing. In a collage of live-action and animation, the filmmaker reveals fragments of memories, subconscious thoughts, fears, obsessions, doubts, suggestively released from photo albums and letter-packed suitcases. The ironically grave voice-over commentary is playfully and energetically undermined by the eruption of kaleidoscopic images, in an uncontainable incandescence of imagination that is both flustering and entertaining. (BIEFF 2013)


  • BIEFF, Bucharest, Romania, 2013
  • Best Romanian Animation Film – CineMAiubit Student Film Festival Bucharest 2012
  • Romanian Filmmakers Association Award for Experimental Animation Film 2012