Caviar for a better future.

„Caviar” brings to the front a slice of the day to day reality of a father whose a widower and who tries to offer his little girl a future that would fit his deepest convictions.

Icre Negre de Răzvan Săvescu

Director: Răzvan Săvescu
Scriptwriter: Oana Ioachim
Cast: Ana Radu, Andi Vasluianu, Oana Ioachim
Produced by: Ada Solomon
Cinematography by: Alexandru Solomon
Film editing by: Alexandru Radu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2009
Duration: 24 minutes
Subtitles: english
Territories: Available only in Romania

403,781 – Cinepub viewers


Robert and his daughter leave on Christimas Eve morning from Tulcea to Bucharest. Robert has to take a jar of black caviar to Mrs. Zina, a rich lady who lives in a luxury neighborhood in the capital. For his daughter, this is her first trip to the capital.

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Written by the late actress Oana Ioachim and directed by Răzvan Săvescu, „Caviar” is one of those Romanian short films with those invisible heroes of Bucharest who fight apparently easy fights with the day to day difficulties.

The relationship between a father and his introvert daughter is overlapped with the meeting between the two and a third character – a lady who seem to have everthing the two of them ever wanted.

A touching story in the selection of Romanian shorts online present on


“Daddy, I want to tell you something.
Yes, dear, tell me.
I love you, even if you are so silly.”


  • Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner section – Franța 2010
  • Montpellier International Film Festival – France
  • Wroclaw International Film Festival – Poland
  • Transylvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days section – Romania, 2010
  • Bratislava International Film Festival – Slovakia, 2011
  • NexT International Film Festival, Festival Friends section – Romania, 2010