A couple’s life hangs by a tiny hair.

Andrei Georgescu directs the short film written by Paul Negoescu, one of the many Romanian short films that address the problems of the couple. Here the conflict starts from a hair discovered in the bed of the two partners and reaches subtle confrontations of the characters.

Candy Crush de Andrei Georgescu - CINEPUB

Director: Andrei Georgescu
Scriptwriter: Andrei Georgescu
Cast: Alec Secăreanu, Victoria Răileanu
Produced by: Paul Negoescu
Cinematography by: Adrian Clocușneanu
Editing by: Sebastian Plămădeală
Category: short film
Genre: thriller
Year: 2015
Duration: 13 minutes
Subtitles: English

198,047 – Cinepub viewers


A young couple is having an ordinary afternoon together until Andreea finds a massage oil in the bathroom.

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A lock of hair becomes reason for suspicion in a couple. The scriptwriter Paul Negoescu revisits a topic he approached in other short films as well (among which „Exam”, that he also directed): infidelity that one of the partners suspects but finds it difficult to prove. In „Exam” the male character was the one whose suspicion was getting more and more clear, while in „Candy Crush” things are the other way around: she finds a lock of hair too short to be his and too straight to be hers.

The short film follows with subtlety the unfolding of the smothering  conflict through a realist and full of double meanings dialogue in which the problems are never addressed directly, only suggested. And sometimes, silence speaks a thousand words.


„­– Is it brown?”
„– Uhum.”
„– Is it yours?”
„– Is too straight to be mine.”


  • Landshuter Kurzfilm Festival – Germany, 2015
  • DaKINO International Film Festival – Romania, 2015

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