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We present the film “The Officer”, directed by Ștefan Zaharia, with Alexandru Georgescu and Cosmin Sârbu.

The Officer - by Ștefan Zaharia - short film on CINEPUB

Directed by: Ștefan Zaharia
Producer: Ștefan Zaharia
Cast: Alexandru Georgescu, Cosmin Sârbu
Cinematography: Ioan Lupan
Edited by: Ștefan Zaharia, Mihnea Lupan
Sound: Alex Timofte
Category: short film
Genre: dramedy
Duration: 14 min
Year: 2016

13,536 – Cinepub viewers


Iulian, a successful business man, visits his Romanian hometown to take care of his father’s grave, who was an Aviation Officer.

More details:

Iulian is a successful business man who immigrated 20 years ago to Central Europe. He visits his Romanian hometown to cut the weeds from his father’s grave, who was an Aviation Officer. ln his commendable intention he manages to get help from an unemployed young Romanian named Bitu. The grave looks terrible and a simple cleaning chore transforms into an adventure.


  • Nomination, Divan, 2016
  • Nomination, Hyperfest, Best Short, 2015
  • Nomination, 4 Fun Movie, Best Short, 2017
  • Nomination, Film Stud, Best Short, 2017
  • Nomination, Fitic, Best Short, 2018
  • Nomination, BBB, Best Short, 2018
  • Audience Award, Hyperfest, 2016
  • Second place – 4 Fun Movie, 2017
  • 3rd Place Film Stud, 2017
  • Fitic Trophy, Best Short, 2018
  • BBB Trophy, Best Short, 2018