Fake revenge is just as good as real revenge

A TV show that gives the chance to a “staged” pay-back to wronged citizens. An original, funny short film, rewarded a Special Mention (Romanian Days) at TIFF 2013.

The Pill of Happiness by Cecilia Felméri - CINEPUB

Director: Cecilia Felméri
Cast: Adina Cristescu, Tania Popa, Dana Voicu, Virgil Aioanei, Adrian Titieni, Oana Ioachim
Produced by: Natalia Gurău
Cinematography by: Vlad Lomasan
Film editing by: Eugen Kelemen
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2012
Duration: 12 minutes
Subtitles:  english
Territories: –

120,240 – Cinepub viewers


Revenge… Feels so good… Are you ready to pay the price for it?

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Produced with the support of the National University of Theatre and Film „I. L. Caragiale”, „The Pill of Happiness” is one of those witty short films in which humour and irony walk close together so that in the end the viewer is left with several open questions.

How far can revenge go? How much of our daily life is made out of abnormal interactions that we ended up considering normal? How much are you willing to change? How much to accept?


“I have no change! I cannot give you any change! Do you recognise these lines? They might even sound accusing, as if it’s your fault that the shop assistant cannot give you any change, as if it’s your obligation to have the exact money when you want to buy something, and finally, as if it’s not your duty to make your clients’ lives easier, since they are the ones who pay you your salary. And some of these people behind the counter have royal attitudes, as if they are making you a favour for selling you something. For your money.” ( Ruxandra Predescu – )


„Your job is to sell tickets and to have change, not to sit there all day and eat.”
„I told you from the start: I don’t have any change.”


  • 2013 – TIFF – Special Mention – Romanian Film Days