Brothers in a package.

Screened in 2003 at Locarno, Ruzandra Zenide’s film tells the powerful story of two brothers who live in a foster home in a Romanian village. One of those short films in which emotion carries out the message, an awards winner at several film festivals throughout Europe.

Green Oaks by Ruxandra Zenide - CINEPUB

Director: Ruxandra Zenide
Scriptwriters: Marek Epstein, Ruxandra Zenide
Cast: Dorotea Brandin, Roberto Molo, Maria Dinulescu, Valentin Popescu
Produced by: Elefant Films
Cinematography by: Martin Matiasek
Editing by: Janeta Ionesco
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2003
Duration: 31 minutes
Subtitles: English

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A Romanian village. George looks after his little sister. And even if fate over-takes them, life will reassert its claims.

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Part of Cinepub’s short films online collection, „Green Oaks”, this superb short film, approaches a very moving subject: two under age brothers are faced with losing each other. The boy, aged 11-12, lives with his sister, aged 5-6, at a foster care house. By the time he learns that his sister will be given for adoption to a French family, the boy seems to be living in his own universe.

The table, the bed, the courtyard, the rooms he sneaks out of the window from and all the entire setting he lives in with his sister and the rest of the children, although they are extremely poor, seem to be the only things they know and what he also enjoys the most. This perfect universe is overthrown when the boy finds out that his sister is being proposed for adoption for the French parents.

A sensible story with innocent characters in a simple but impressive setting – these are the special ingredients of an excellent Romanian short film.


„Ion was saying he saw them over there.”
„Ion… Ion…”
„…what would he know about it…”


  • Festival Internazionale del film Locarno” – Switzerland, 2003
  • Innsbruck International Film Festival – Austria, 2004
  • ”Cinema tout ecran” – Switzerland, 2003
  • ”Festival Internacional de Cine”, Valencia – Spain, 2004


  • Best Medium Length Film, Brest Short Film Festival – France, 2004
  • Golden Unicorn Jury Prize, Golden Unicorn Public Prize, Nenzing Alpinale European Film Festival – Austria, 2004

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