The first night of love and robbery

„Trespass” is the second short film directed by Sînziana Nicola (after „Sunday”), a movie that was first screened at NexT International Film Festival, Festival Friends section, in 2015. Also, the film is one of the shorts selected to be screened in the first edition of CinEast Short Film Festival, Berlin, in 2016, an edition focusing on Eastern Europe. As the director stated, the movie takes a look at the thin line between loneliness and living independently.

Trespass by Sînziana Nicola - CINEPUB

Director: Sînziana Nicola
Scriptwriter: Sînziana Nicola
Cast: Cătălina Moga, Rolando Matsangos, Emil Măndănac, Andrei Șerban
Produced by: Sînziana Nicola, Alec Secăreanu
Cinematography by: Andrei Ioniță
Film editing by: Alexandru Radu
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: drama, romantic
Duration: 19 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  –

191,259 – Cinepub viewers


One morning, after a one night stand, Oana finds herself the victim of a robbery. She calls the police and they find out that the only things missing are her laptop and her dog.

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The day after a one night stand can be in many ways: happy, full of indecision and dissatisfaction, full of expectations and hopes, the phone checked many times or, on the contrary, shut down. For Oana, the main character of the short film „Trespass” this day brings a great surprise: once home, Oana finds the door of her apartment open and the dog gone.

She panics and calls the police. Yet, the fear doesn’t go away with the policemen departure or the report signed. What happens next continues the story that started the night before…

The movie is, thus, one of those open-ended Romanian shorts.


„I think someone broke into my apartment.”

 „Like I said, there is no one.”

 „We need to go down to the station and get a registration number. But you should know  we rarely find them.”

 „I figured the earrings were just a cover…
Yeah, I didn’t forget anything.
… to see me.
More or less… yeah.”

 „The leash is up there, could you get it?”


  • NexT International Film Festival, Festival Friends section, Bucharest – Romania, 2015
  • Arkadia ShortFest – Romania, 2016
  • CinEast Short Film Festival, Berlin – Germany, 2016
  • Basta Fest, Bajina Basta – Serbia