The Dream of Being a Writer

We gladly present the documentary “You Want to be a Writer”, directed by Jean-Luc Cesco, about the beautiful, but difficult way of becoming a writer, with Marianne Jaeglé, Marina Nikasinovic, Nicole Péricone and Anne Gaëlle Prat.

You Want to be a Writer - directed by Jean-Luc Cesco - CINEPUB documentary

Directed by: Jean-Luc Cesco
Cast: Marianne Jaeglé, Marina Nikasinovic, Nicole Péricone, Anne Gaëlle Prat
Script by: Marianne Jaeglé, Jean-Luc Cesco
Producer: Nico Di Biase Les Films de l’Aqueduc
Cinematography: Mathias André
Edited by: Guillaume Mazeline
Sound: Jean-Luc Cesco
Year: 2015
Category: documentary
Duration: 54 minutes

14,871 – Cinepub viewers


Over one year time workshop, the French director Jean Luc-Cesco decided to follow up Marianne Jaeglé with his camera and record her work as a Creative writing teacher at the Elisabeth Bing’s school in Paris.

More details:

The documentary “You Want to be a Writer” captures the second year of the Elisabeth Bing creative writing workshop in Paris. If the first year was one of experimentation and discovery, the second year is the moment when a personal project is born, where everyone defines and then builds this project in various forms – novel, story, poetic collection, set of short stories.

What critics say:

Marina, Chantal, Cécile, Anne-Gaëlle and Nicole want to write. Within a workshop, and with Marianne Jaeglé as teacher, they bet on venturing into their writing project. For a year, Jean-Luc Cesco films those moments when each one’s individual writing becomes visible, its trials and errors, its moments of wonder. The journey of those beginning writers is an opportunity to question creation in general: its meaning, its difficulties, its place in our lives. (Association Ardèche Images).

I met Marianne in Madrid at a conference of the European Creative Writing Association (EACWP) – I was curious to find out more about the famous Bing creative writing workshops. I discovered a warm, positive and calm person – quite rara avis among the writing teachers, usually tormented characters… A while after, she sent me the film of Jean-Luc and since then I use it in my screenwriting classes to show to my students the beauty of simple truth.  Merci Marianne, Jean-Luc, Nico & Les Films de l’Aqueduc! (Lucian Georgescu)


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