An experimental documentary film, signed by Laurențiu Damian, a result of Grant Project initiated by UNARTE in 2011. „Corpus” is an audio-visual meditation on the human body, a dynamic collage composed of dance, ultrasound images, well studied frames of corpses at the National Forensics Institute „Mina Minovici” , photos of rural houses, archive images of mass genocides, all emphasized by the cultural comments made of quotes from superbe texts by Cezar Ivănescu, Nichita Stănescu, Ana Blandiana, Petre Ghelmez, Marin Sorescu, as well as key texts of the universal culture of all times (Faust).

The body is captured in every one of its’ dimensions, in the „doing and undoing” processes, in its’ social, historical, biological instances while the invitation to the viewer to meditate on it comes from the way in which all these dimensions are superposed and synchronized.

Corpus by Laurențiu Damian - CINEPUB

Director: Laurențiu Damian
Scriptwriter: Laurențiu Damian
Comments by: Anghel Damian
Cinematography by: Dănuț Pădure
Sound by: Ștefan Elefteriu
Produced by:Editura Video
Year: 2011
Genre: documentary film
Duration: 36 minutes

4,579 – Cinepub viewers


A film-essay that plastically composes and decomposes the human body, seen as an argument for a visual discourse with philosophical resonances.


  • Special Award of the Jury, Editing Award, UCIN – Romania, 2011