Cadence - by Radu Gabrea - UNATC & CINEPUB

Directed by: Radu Gabrea
Producer: UNATC
Script: Radu Gabrea
Cast: Mihai Balaban, Alex Bobescu, Deodat Teodoru
Cinematography: Lăscoiu Ortansa
Editor: Dan Naum
Music: Cornel Cezar
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 11 min
Year: 1967

1,968 – Cinepub viewers


A nightmare-like representation of a distinguished teacher’s confusion in the face of a new, young rebel generation’s lack of attention and obedience.

More details:

“Cadences”, directed by Radu Gabrea, is influenced by surreal films and impressionism. Radu Gabrea had an important contribution to the modernization of the legislation in the field of cinematography after the Revolution, which would allow the affirmation, a little later, of the so-called New Romanian Cinema. The surprising filmmaker outlines, in his graduation short film, the protagonist: a teacher from his early youth who lives the nightmare of non-belonging and alienation.