No electricity, no heat, the last tuna can.

One of those very few Romanian shorts that explores the genre movie, „Dim Light” is a short thriller signed by Florina Dumitrache and Bogdan Drumea that sends us into an apocalyptic world.

Dim Light - short film online on CINEPUB

Director: Florina Dumitrache
Scriptwriter: Bogdan Drumea
Cast: Dorin Andone, Amalia Ciolan, Marius Manole, Olga Taisia Podaru
Produced by: Bogdan Drumea, Florina Dumitrache
Cinematography by: Laurenţiu Răducanu
Film editing by: Andrei Păcuraru
Year: 2013
Cateogry: short film
Genre: thriller
Duration: 22 minute
Subtitles: english
Country: Romania

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In an old fashioned apartment, Victor and Marta are waiting for the end of the world. Around them, the lights are turning off and the atmosphere is overwhelming.

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An apparently ordinary moment. A tuna can that would have gone very well with some mayo, some toast and a little bit of salt. But there is not way to get food in this apocalyptic world.

The director Florina Dumitrache creates the bleak atmosphere of the end of the world in an old-fashioned apartment. The minimalist approach of those Romanian shorts belonging to the New Wave is turned here into a genre movie. The viewer doesn’t see either the group of armed people there is a talk about, or the outside apocalyptic world. The entire atmosphere is limited to the apartment lit by candles as there is no source of electricity. The heavy atmosphere is completed by the lights that go off one by one intensifying the drama of the two main characters who are in their old ages.

The only exterior scene is treated in a minimalist manner too. In the middle of the night, the characters seek ways to survive. The viewer only sees the exterior of the apartment, the rest of the apocalyptic world being only suggested.


„Its particularity resides in the fact that it takes the shape of a (post) apocalyptic horror, terms that are rarely associated with a Romanian movie, be it a short.” (Ionuț Mareș – )


„There’s really nothing left?


  • Dakino Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • “Full Moon” Horror and Fantasy Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • „Anonimul” International Independent Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • Balkan Film and Food Festival – Albania, 2014
  • Independent Producers Indie Film Festival, IPIFF – Romania, 2014
  • Dracula Horror and Fantasy Festival – Romania, 2014
  • Clip Award Festival – Germany, 2014
  • Ploiesti International Film Festival, PIFF – Romania, 2015
  • NexT International Film Festival, Monsters Night – Romania, 2015
  • Romanian Short Waves, Cannes – France, 2015