Conflict Reunion.

„Family Reunion”, signed by Florina Dumitrache, is a drama with comical overtones placed in a set-up studio build from scratch, amplifying the main character’s internal and external conflict.

Director: Florina Dumitrache
Scriptwriters: Georgiana Constantin
Cast: Șerban Pavlu, Gabriel Costin, Constantin Cojocaru, Rodica Lazăr, Tudor Constantinescu, Maria Popistașu, Anca Bejenariu
Produced by: Sorin Ana
Sound: Alexandru Petru Bădeliță
Category: short film
Genre: drama
An: 2012
Duration: 13 minutes
Subtitles: English
Films presented with the support of UNATC.

10,122 – Cinepub viewers


Sorin comes at his former wife to spend the Christmas with their son. Under the pressure of the past conflicts, Sorin locks himself in the bathroom. Things get out of control when family members come to see what’s happening.

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Caught between four walls, Sorin refuses to attend the Christmas dinner, although his only purpose was to be with his child during this special time.

The reason behind all of this? He doesn’t want to get along with his ex-wife and her family. The acting and the funny replicas between characters drive authenticity, but the story is somehow absurd.


„Should I make you a John’s wort tea, to mend your belly?”


  • International Film Festival Ploiești – România, 2012
  • NexT International Film Festival, Friends section, 2013
  • DaKINO Festival, 2013
  • International Film Festival “Anonimul”, 2013
  • CineMAiubit Film Festival, 2013
  • International Festival „Toamnă la Voroneţ”, 2013
  • Romanian Film Festival Montreal, 2013
  • International Student Film Festival, Cluj Napoca, 2013
  • Sighișoara Film Festival, 2013
  • Ipsos Short Film Breaks, 2013


  • Special Bloggers’ Award at ANONIMUL Film Festival, 2013
  • Third Prize for Best Short Film at Ffest Cluj Napoca, 2013
  • Best Sound Design and Best Scenography (UNATC Rector’s Award) at CineMAiubit Festival, 2013