In the House is Ana-Maria Comănescu’s bachelor diploma film. After screenings at CineMAiubit ISFF, Days of the Women Filmmakers (at Cinema Studio) and at the European Film Festival, it was also shown in the Romanian Film Days section at TIFF 2015.

In the house - short film online by Ana-Maria Comanescu - CINEPUB

Directed by: Ana-Maria Comănescu
Script by: Ana-Maria Comănescu
Cast: Alexandru Sinca, Rareș Andrici, Cristian Bota, Andreea Alexandrescu, Alexandru Ștefănescu, Cosmin Pană, Alina Mihai, Lucian Ionescu, Aron Alexandru Lucian
Producer: UNATC, Roxana Rădeanu
Cinematography by: Tudor Platon
Edited by: Patricia Chelaru
Sound: Patricia Chelaru
Year: 2014
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Duration: 17 minutes

6,519 – Cinepub viewers


After witnessing a deadly car crash, Cristi arrives at a party, but his friends convince him to forget about everything.The terrible ordeal unravels during the night.

What critics say:

„The usual vulgar verbal tics are somehow specific to certain generations that can’t keep “a clean tongue” when they are in relaxed/ tense circumstances. When “translating” them, you can say that they are mere words; they often work as plain interjections without semantic value – they become tics or prop-words that add no meaning, but only expressive quality to the dialogue. They bring flexibility and authenticity to the discourse. Underneath the dialogues, you can feel and see the tone and the expression in each of the actors’ eyes, you can feel their position in relation to the experience they are about to tell.” – Iulia Voicu, AaRC


  • Best Picture award (Tudor Platon) and Best Editing (Patricia Chelaru) at CineMaiubit International Student Film Festival, 2014
  • Special Mention in the National Competition at NexT International Film Festival – 2015
  • „Young Hope” nomination for Ana-Maria Comănescu at the Gopo Awards
  • Screening in the Romanian Film Days section at TIFF 2015
  • Screening in the Student Film Days at European Film Festival 2015

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