All for one and one for all.

Shot and produced during Aristoteles Workshop in 2012, „The Dodge’s Palace” speaks about friendships, goals and sacrifices in a context less familiar to our audience, even despised a little bit: the CFR workers community.

The Dodge’s Palace - Julia Groszek - Aristoteles Workshop Association - CINEPUB

Director: Julia Groszek
Produced by: Aristoteles Workshop Association
Cinematography by: Cristi Moldovan
Film editing by: Letiția Ștefănescu
Category: documentary
An: 2012
Duration: 29 minutes
Subtitles: English
Film shot and produced during Aristoteles Workshop

4,849 – Cinepub viewers


The film follows a group of railway workers who have been sharing the same sleeping house for the past 25 years which was transformed into a „home away from home”, despite the difficult living conditions.

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It’s a story about simple life, friendship and dreams. The everyday hard work and living in the train far away from home shape the life of a group of railway workers. Belonging to the small group gives them more self-confidence and fulfillment than their own families. The male community shares its joys and fears and has to bear the consequences of being apart from their families. They only meet occasionally.

A mix between observational documentary (with living pictures) and talking-heads (a storytelling technique also used by Kieślowski, based around very basic and inspirational questions) that outlines a slightly intrusion in the intimacy of the interviewed subjects’ thoughts and feelings.

In the end, „everything, everything that’s on earth” is desired by each member of the community.


„After I got used to it, I was not scared anymore.”

„We eat together, we cook together, we eat from the same plate, there’s no problem. We are separated only at women.”

„Now there’s no more joy in coming to work, as you had before.”


  • NexT International Film Festival, Friends Section, Romania, 2013
  • Planet Doc, Poland, 2014
  • Basm Festival, Romania, 2014
  • Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest, Romania, 2015
  • UrbanEye Film Festival, Romania, 2015
  • “Rolan” 13th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Armenia, 2017


  • Special Jury Award at Aristoteles Workshop, Romania, 2012