You can hide, but not indefinitely.

“In Which the Protagonist Hides and Then Has an Unexpected Encounter” is a short film presented at NexT International Film Festival in 2015 where it won the Best Romanian Short award. Directed by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu.

In Which the Protagonist Hides and Then Has an Unexpected Encounter by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu - CINEPUB

Director: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Scriptwriter: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu
Cast: Iulia Ciochină, Ana Ciontea
Produced by: Cristian Drăghici
Cinematography by: Andrei Butică
Film editing by: Dragoș Apetri
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 20 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  Available only in Romania

27,880 – Cinepub viewers


One stressful morning, like every other morning, Cristina suddenly stops in the doorway. She is unable to take the step that would lead her out of the house…

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One of the most interesting Romanian short films that won awards at NexT, „In Which the Protagonist Hides and Then Has an Unexpected Encounter” is a movie that captures a sudden moment of psychological and existential imbalance of the heroine. Instead of going about the schedule of an ordinary day, the main character barricades herself in the house and watches economic TV shows, charts, even takes a selfie and, generally, she hides.

Her coming out of the house brings, as the title suggests, an unexpected meeting. She meets a middle aged woman whose monologue takes the form of an introduction guide to craziness for beginners and ordinary people.

The movie is part of the Cinepub’s Romanian short films online selection.


„A normal person can stand… everything, right?”
„Honey, take some medication, if you don’t want to go bananas.”
„I grew fatter, but… Better to be fat than crazy.”


  • DaKino, 2016 – screened outside competition


  • Nomination: Best Short, Gopo Awards – Romania, 2016
  • Best Romanian Short award, NexT International Film Festival – Romania, 2016