We better go home.

For Ana, the main character of the short film signed by Mirona Radu, the fun ends when her dad doesn’t do the proper thing.

Pentru Ana. Cu drag, Mos Craciun - Mirona Radu - CINEPUB - UNATC

Director: Mirona Radu
Scriptwriters: Claudia Negrea, Mirona Radu
Cast: Beatrice Ispășescu, Edgar Nistor, Laura Vasiliu
Produced by: Alexandru Sterian
Cinematography by: Claudia Ciocan
Film editing by: Iolanda Gîrleanu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
An: 2015
Duration: 13 minutes
Subtitles: English
Films presented with the support of UNATC.

6,918 – Cinepub viewers


Ana’s parents are separated. Her father gives her a pair of skates for Christmas. They both go by car to skate in the middle of the nature. On the way, while her father sings her, they have an accident.

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Ana suspects that the victim has a red jacket and wants to call for an ambulance. The father, who is quite traumatized, pretends that the victim was a dead fox in the middle of the road and goes further.

The short story captures the essence of a family drama where the child has the most to suffer because of the separation of parents. The cause of the accident only reveals the father’s frustrations that he is not part of his girl’s life and the pressure he feels in his relationship with the girl’s mother.


”I really cannot come and see you whenever I would like to.”


  • Dakino International Film Festival – Romania, 2016
  • Pula International Film Festival 2016 – Croatia, 2016
  • Zlin Film Festival – Czech Republic, 2016
  • International Filmfestpiele – Berlinale Shorts – Germany, 2016
  • International Student Film Festival (STIFF) – Croatia, 2016
  • The 15th International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy – Japan, 2016
  • Paris Courts Devant Ile-de-France Festival – France, 2016
  • Timishort Film Festival – Romania, 2016
  • Sarajevo Film Festival – Bosnia and Hertzegovina, 2016
  • International Film Festival ANONIMUL – Romania, 2016
  • Trieste Film Festival – Italy, 2017


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