„Loop” gathers fictive, yet real bits from the artist’s world, showing them through a brave combination of graphic styles and techniques.

Loop - Claudia Ilea - CINEPUB

Animation: Claudia Ilea
Year: 2015
Genre: short animation
Duration: 4 minutes
Subtitles: english

2,249 – Cinepub viewers


„Loop” represents a self-portrait that reflect some key events from everyday life, combined with fictive brief moments.

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Together they create a new, organic world, where the boundaries between monotonous and exciting, real and fictional, monochrome and multicolor are almost nonexistent and define the relationship between micro- and macrocosm.

As it is suggested in the title, the whole action takes place in a loop, emphasizing the repetition, uniformity and homogeneity of animation.

Thus, in the context of the journal, there is a complete self-portrait where the emphasis falls on the little details, whether they are detached from imagination or reality.

The animation has been accomplished by combining several techniques such as 2D digital animation, rotoscopy and full traditional animation.


  • Anim’est Festival, Bucharest, 2015
  • Lisabona Animation Festival, Monstra, 2016
  • CineMAiubit Festival, Bucharest, 2015