We present to you a short documentary signed by Dragoș Hanciu, written and produced during the Aristoteles workshop, a story about an old man, named Ionaș, who eagerly defends his life’s work.

Directed by: Dragoș Hanciu
Cinematography by: Dragoș Hanciu, Ileana Szasz
Edited by: Maria Bălănean
Sound: Vlad Voinescu, Filip Mureșan
Producer: Aristoteles Workshop
Year: 2017
Category: short film
Genre: documentary
Duration: 28 minutes

5,463 – Cinepub viewers


Ionaș is an old Romanian countryman who spends his summer nights guarding his cornfield against the starving boars that come to eat his crops, a year-long work.

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The battle is not to fall asleep, as he cannot be aware of anything, except his dreams. The old man believes that the recurrent dream of his dead father brings the rain, which almost every time comes along with the boars – the menace that he cannot see, but only hear.

In dealing with his inner tumult, Ionaș is facing a fight greater than him. Realizing that he is just a simple man, Ionaș wins the battle, but not the war, as he cannot stand against something as small as sleep, but as big as time.


  • Aristoteles Workshop – Romania, 2016: Best Film Award (2016 edition of the workshop)
  • Visions du Réel– Switzerland, 2017: Premiers Pas (world premiere)
  • NexT IFF – Romania, 2017: International Competition (national premiere)
  • Filmul de Piatră – Romania, 2017: Documentary Competition – Audience Award, Special Jury
  • Docuart – Romania, 2017: Documentary Competition – Best Cinematography Award
  • Astra Film – Romania, 2017: DocSchool Competition
  • Silver Eye Award – Czech Republic, 2017: Best Short Documentary nominee
  • Culese din Balcani – Romania, 2017