A naive person with a degree.

A new online premiere on CINEPUB: after more than a few years of artistic silence, the director Copel Moscu returns to the public eye with the documentary “Naive Treasure”, a fascinating journey in the artistic universe of the painter Ioan Măric.

Naive Treasure - documentary by Copel Moscu - CINEPUB

Directed by: Copel Moscu
Script by: Copel Moscu, Doina Ruști
Producer: Cornel Gheorghiță
Cinematography: Florin Paraschiv, Tudor Platon
Edited by: House of Zazen
Year: 2018
Category: feature film
Genre: documentary
Duration: 60 minutes

5,350 – Cinepub viewers


When you graduate Art University at the age of 70, the artistic career can be unpredictable.

More details:

The painter Ioan Măric from Bacău is a leading figure among the naive artists in Romania. For several decades, his pregnant artistic personality was recognized by the specialized critics of the country and abroad. But, at the age of 70, the artist decides to attend the courses of the University of Art in Iași, as a student at the section of Art Pedagogy. From this moment, the community of naive art creators begins to challenge him as a naive artist. An entire cultural ecosystem, little known to the general public, is beginning to emerge and show itself. A fascinating journey into a world with a completely different way of thinking and existence begins. With lots of weird areas, darkness, and candor.

The film follows the evolution of these contradictions, between the desire for improvement and the preservation of the canons imposed by this artistic genre with special rules, made by special people.

Every man is endowed with a certain ability, a certain talent, a certain acuity in the artistic field, that’s for sure. The problem is finding someone to discover this, finding yourself alone is very difficult. Each one has something to say, there is no untalented man in this world, but one who has not yet properly figured out what he has better to say. I don’t know what the field is: it can be music, dance, the artistic fields are extraordinarily varied. Art is a way of life and life is a way of art. You can also make an artistic domain in your life; if you are really good about it, it would be great. (Copel Moscu, interview taken by Andrei Vornicu)

What critics say:

The director had the patience, luck and courage to superimpose the “chagall-ice” (or even “picasso-ish” figures, why not?) in Măric’s canvas over the three-dimensional, concrete and pragmatic world from which he claims his inspiration and learns where to exhibit and sell. (…)

Beyond the story of Ion Măric, Moscu Copel brings us, right under the eyes, in a manner in which he had become accustomed to and longed for, a small world, but (in the case of Păstorel) “with phenomenal depths”. He does it with empathy and love, with the same humor of immense tenderness that made him known and admired. We liked it. (Bogdan Burileanu,