An experimental film, a juxtaposition of images and poetic situations signed by Adina Diana Savin.

Reflections over reflections - CINEPUB - Short film

Director: Adina Diana Savin
Cast: Anghel Damian, Andrei Tudoran, Simona Dabija, Mariana Gavriciuc, Oana Zara, Alexandru Bordea
Producer: UNATC Film
Image: Adrian Bulgariu
Editing: Vlad Bobe
Year: 2015
Category: short film
Genre: experimental
Duration: 9 minutes

3,231 – Cinepub viewers


An experimental film about what one can observe behind the first image.

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A poetic montage about the artist’s condition, about life and what can be observed beyond the first frame. The director combines all kinds of images, situations and portraits, juxtaposes them and creates new forms of expression.


  • Gala Premiilor Gopo (28 Mare 2016) – Bucharest
  • Zilele Filmului Istoric în Bucovina, 2016, award for Best Sound Editing.
  • CineMAiubit, 2015, Bucharest