“The Passions” of Mr. Constantin

We present the film “Resurrection of Mr. Constantin”, by Cornel Brad, a documentary that tells the story of a man who finds out that he is declared dead by the Romanian justice.

Resurrection of Mr. Constantin - documentary film by Cornel Brad - CINEPUB

Directed by: Cornel Brad
Cast: Reliu Constantin
Producer: Libra Film Productions, Tudor Giurgiu
Edited by: Tudor D. Popescu
Sound: Alex Dragomir
Year: 2019
Category: documentary
Duration: 45 minutes

7,555 – Cinepub viewers


“Resurrection of Mr. Constantin”, directed by Cornel Brad, is the story of a self-exiled man in Turkey since 1999 and recently expelled, who finds out that he is declared dead by the Romanian justice, for the first time at the request of his wife.

More details:

At the border between two worlds, with the thought of his life in lstanbul and his body in his native Bârlad, Mr. Constantin seeks his existential answers during the days of Holy Week. However, the life of an emigrant returning home seems without solutions to simple earthly worries, definitively ruined by eros and thanatos.


  • TIFF 2019