In „Sums”, a short film signed by Mihaela Popescu, the heroine starts to see her husband differently while the relationship frustrations take on different forms.

Sums - Mihaela Popescu - CINEPUB

Director: Mihaela Popescu
Script: Mihaela Popescu
Cast: Meda Victor, István Téglás, Maria Ploae, Ion Lupu, Richard Balint
Produced by: Alexandru Teodorescu, Mihaela Popescu
Cinematography by: Marius Panduru
Film editing by: Eugen Kelemen
Category: short film fiction
Genre: drama
An: 2015
Duration: 21 minutes
Subtitles: English

35,851 – Cinepub viewers


A young woman tries to paint her husband and while she’s contemplating him, she starts seeing in him all the different parts he’s made of.

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A young couple is taking a vacation out at their country house. She paints, he reads the newspaper. She wants to go out, he’d prefer to stay.

The film is a visual introspection in which the heroine sets off an emotional burst and starts seeing her husband in different aspects – the similarities between him and her family members are strikingly visible, full of emotions.

Although “Sums” is a short film with a strong cinematography and beautifully composed frames that reflect the film’s sensitivity, the story outlines a certain amount of anxiety – maybe the protagonist doesn’t have much confidence left in her father’s child, who is always interested in his newspapers, always concerned about his phone notifications, always saying he’s busy and that he has to reply to business emails.

In the morning, she can only hope that the man next to her will do his best.


  • Filmul de Piatra Festival, Romania, 2016.