We present the short film ” The Bed of Procrustes”, directed by Andrian Împărățel. The main roles were played by the actors Bogdan Sălceanu and Cosmin Stănilă.

The Bed of Procrustes - by Andrian Împărățel - UBB student short film - CINEPUB

Directed by: Andrian Împărățel
Producer: Vasile Todinca, The Faculty of Theater and Film, Babeș-Bolyai University
Cast: Bogdan Sălceanu, Cosmin Stănilă
Script by: Andrian Împărățel
Cinematography: Rareș Tabacu
Sound: Raul Stan
Edited by: Raul Stan
Category: short film
Duration: 18 min.
Year: 2018

11,859 – Cinepub viewers


Tired of all the problems he has to deal with at home, Dan decides to spend the night at Ștefan, an old acquaintance.

More details:

The uncanny interaction between Dan (Bogdan Sălceanu) and Ștefan (Cosmin Stănilă) peaks when Ștefan’s hospitality turns into persuasion. The two have different mentalities: one is more convincing, and the other more obedient and easily manipulated.


  • Locarno Film Festival – Pardi di domani (2018)
  • Belgrade Author Film Festival – Brave Balkans (2018)
  • Next Film Festival – National Competition (2018)
  • It’s Film Festival – Romanian Short Film Competition (2019)
  • Anonymous International Film Festival – Romanian Short Film Competition (2019)