THE BUG, directed and screenplay by Cătălin Drăghici, with Alexandru Potocean and Iulia Vereș, a UNATC production 2012.

THE BUG directed by Catalin Draghici - UNATC short film online on CINEPUB

Directed by: Cătălin Drăghici
Script by: Cătălin Drăghici
Cast: Alexandru Potocean, Iulia Vereș
Producer: UNATC
Producers: Gabi Suciu, Daniel Drăghici
Cinematography: Radu Ștefan Fulga
Edited by: Maria Florentina Zaharia
Sound: Florentin Tudor
Year: 2012
Category: short film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 16 minutes

5,954 – Cinepub viewers


The quiet evening of a man who crushes a cockroach on his kitchen floor turns into a night of insomnia, for him and for the entire building in which he lives.


  • International Film Festival CineMAiubit – 2016
  • Tampere Film Festival – Film Student Network
  • Victoria Film Festival – 1st Edition (Competition)
  • Kodak Award for Image – CineMAiubit – 2016