Caught in his own misery.

„The Gentleman from the Courtyard” is a drama directed by Cornel Gheorghiță, after a screenplay written by Jean Samouillan. The film talks about the sweet revenge that comes unexpectedly.

Director: Cornel Gheorghiță
Cast: Serge Riaboukine, Camelia Pintilie, Gabriel Spahiu
Screenplay: Jean Samouillan
Producer: Ro de Film, Milonga Productions
Cinematography: Sorin Drăgoi
Sound: Mihai Orășanu
Editing by: Nathalie Mougenot
Year: 2014
Category: drama film
Genre: fiction
Duration: 82 minutes
Subtitles: english

42,646 – Cinepub viewers


A French real estate developer prepares an old Romanian thermal resort for renovation. A Roman fresco in a crypt delays the project, so he tries to burn it down. But he locks himself in a courtyard by mistake. He stays trapped for days, the neighborhood being deserted. He tries communicating with the few remaining residents and changes from a civilized being to a beast, until finding new perspectives. Will he leave the courtyard, or not?

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Leduc (Serge Riaboukine) reaches Băile Herculane, where he finds a treasure inherited from the Romans. Below the hotel, he finds an unrecognized fresco, depicting a banquet from the Roman Empire. In order not to jeopardize the success of his profitable business, he sneaks into the ancient crypt, then pours gas over the fresco, wishing to destroy it. But the iron door that allows access to the abandoned hotel yard closes, and he remains captive. The character shouts, revolts, looks for less known exit zones, and starts negotiating with locals who don’t want to help him in any way.

The loneliness of the captive becomes an island among people whose language he can’t understand. The locals don’t want to establish any contact with the Frenchman in the yard, looking at him sadly, silently, as if he was an exotic curiosity, a crazy person. But they start asking at some point for money in exchange for help, reversing the roles between the person who holds the control and the poor in the area.

The film’s stake lies in the protagonist’s inner transformations and the choice of the writer to point out these stages through absurd scenes related to the character’s captivity and a well-graded psychological intensity.


  • NexT Film Festival, 2011
  • Kaunas International Film Festival, 2011
  • 56th Cork Film Festival, 2011
  • Romanian Short Waves, 2011
  • Timishort International Film Festival, 2011
  • 17th Edition of Aye Aye International Film Festival, 2011


  • Best Romanian Short Film, Gopo Awards, 2011