Bang-bang, I didn’t shoot you down, did I?

Dan Radu Mihai signs one of those Romanian shorts with local background but Hollywood-like topic, starring young and carismatic actors. „The Robbery” is a comedy with drama accents. Edy and Laura are a sort of goofy Bonnie and Clyde couple that fall into their own trap siince their first robbery attempt.

The Robbery by Dan Radu Mihai - CINEPUB

Director: Dan Radu Mihai
Scriptwriter: Dan Radu Mihai
Cast: Crina Semciuc, Mihai Stănescu, Dan Rădulescu, Ionuț Grama
Produced by: Dan Burlac
Cinematography by: Pătru Păunescu
Film editing by: Eugen Kelemen
Year: 2011
Category: short film
Genre: drama, comedy
Duration: 13 minutes
Subtitles: English
Territories:  –

189,605 – Cinepub viewers


Edy and Laura turn into first-time thieves. After a night without sleep, they decide to make their first hit.

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In spite of its few dramatic moments, „The Robbery” joins those shorts in which the comedy is so delicious that it almost faces off the drama. Edy and Laura want to steal from an apartment, and the robbery seems piece of cake as she already has the key of the place.

Therefore, she is calm, or, at least, she hides her nervousness very well. He is agitated and imagines all sorts of scenarios in which things go bad.

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„Take him quickly to the hospital!

I’m sorry, isn’t there anyone else to take him? I’m sorry, I can’t take him.”

„I told you. We have the key, we go in, take the money, then off we go.”

„He’s one of those rich pricks who keep all their money in a bank.”

„Christ is coming back! Amen!

Amen! That is right.”

„Fuck off, you shitty priest!”


  • Cannes Short Film Corner – France, 2011
  • “Anonimul” International Independent Film Festival, Sf. Gheorghe – Romania, 2011
  • Kinofest International Digital Film Festival, Bucharest – Romania, 2011
  • Dakino International Film Festival, Bucharest – Romania, 2011
  • “Filmul de Piatra” International Film Festival, Piatra Neamt – Romania, 2012
  • NexT International Film Festival, Bucharest – Romania, 2012