„Thugs” is a rarity of a concept that’s almost non-existent: an underground Romanian cinema. A witty film that plays with the convention of „real time” in cinema, and a good example of a zero budget film at the same time.

THUGS - feature film online by Matei Parascan on CINEPUB

Directed by: Matei Parascan
Script by: Matei Parascan
Cast: Theodor Mardare, Tudor Adrian Desrobitu, Teodor Șovărel, Claudia Vasilache, Bogdan Costaș
Producer: Elise Kumm
Cinematography: Matei Parascan
Edited by: Matei Parascan
Sound: Andrei Olteanu
Music: frateleNord, Șpil Belea
Year: 2018
Category: feature film
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Duration: 79 minutes

13,205 – Cinepub viewers


The film follows Doru and Mihai, two boys from Iasi, Romania, over the course of a couple of days, during which they smoke weed, eat ciorba, and mistakenly shoot their dealer’s grandmother.

More details:

Doru and Mihai, two young guys from Iași, get more than they bargained for after they decide that too much is too much, and that they need to do something about their weed dealer constantly ripping them off. After a very stupid and preventable mistake on Doru’s side, Mihai’s cousin Văru needs to step in and find a way to get the boys out of trouble.


  • Special screening at Cinema FIX during the Romanian Film Evenings in Iași, 2018.


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