Love is in the air.

Watch „July Love”, produced by mc² film, a short animation about the trip of a fly in a sunny and hot day of July. The animation is signed by Horia Cucută and George ve Gänæaard.

July Love by George ve Gänæaard - CINEPUB

Directed by: George ve Gänæaard
Script by: George ve Gänæaard
Cast: Andrea Buccino, Mihaela Coman, Valentin Păduraru, Horia Cucută, Ayrton P. Bryan
Producer: Ayrton P. Bryan
Produced by: mc² film
Ilustrations: Ana Iugulescu
Edited by: Horia Cucută
Sound: Alexandru Vicol
Year: 2018
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 3 minutes
Subtitles: english

8,822 – Cinepub viewers


When a corporate fly is caught in a speeding car on his way to work, he must do everything to escape, or risk losing his job, friends and entire life flying back.

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The fly falls in love, but the end of the short film is nothing like the stories we’ve read before bedtime. A love that ends as fast as summer rains. A simple animation, like a simple joke.


  • Filmul de Piatra Festival, Romania, 2018