Psychedelia meets Amélie Poulain, meets a semi-magic rug în this unforgettable short by Ștefan Bîtu-Tudoran.

Useless Dialogue - experimental short film UNATC online on CINEPUB

Directed by: Ștefan Bîtu-Tudoran
Script by: Ștefan Bîtu-Tudoran
Cast: Alexandra Para, Ștefan Pârcălăbescu, Mariana Gavriciuc, Costin Dănăilă, Andrei Cercel Duca, Cristian Georgescu, Cosmin Riti, Alexandra Ivan, Ilinca Șerban, Lorincz Lorand.
Producers: UNATC
Cinematography: Florin Marica
Edit by: Cristian Georgescu, Ștefan Bîtu-Tudoran
Sound: Bogdan Moroșanu
Music: Cristian Georgescu, Ștefan Bîtu-Tudoran, Ștefan Pârcălăbescu, Cosmin Riti, Andrei Cercel Duca, George Ștefan
Year: 2022
Category: short film
Genre: Experimental, Docufiction
Duration: 9 minutes

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When a local Reporter finds out from the newspaper about the friendship of Ștefan, a young musician and Călin, his talking rug, she interviews them in hopes of getting to the bottom of this curious case.

More details…

Shot in 2017 on 35mm as a final for the department of Film Image, at the National University of Theatre and Film, ”Useless Dialogue” is inspired from a short story called ”Ramon” that is actually written by the actor who is cast in the film as Ștefan; in his full name: Ștefan Pârcălăbescu. The bachelor final was taken by my colleague and friend, Florin Marica, whom I’ve met in my first years as a student at the University of Film and who took a chance with me, a screenwriting student, and gave me the opportunity to write and direct my first 35mm short film.

The Film talks about a young man’s nihilistic point of view over the world and his solipsistic position in which he believes that no matter how deep we dive into a matter, and regardless of how much empathy we are able to feel, we cannot fully comprehend someone else’s perspective in life if we do not share their same authentic life experience.