”A Greek tragedy with Romanian peasants”

Selected at Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival, with Gabriel Spahiu playing a remarkable part, ”White”, by Paul Cioran, is one of those Romanian films that reveals the tough and cruel world of a Romanian village. A universe that is presented in opposition to the white snow which hasn’t been touched by pollution.

White - Paul Cioran - CINEPUB

Director: Paul Cioran
Scriptwriter: Paul Cioran
Cast: Gabriel Spahiu, Liviu Cheloiu, Dana Voicu, Ada Navrot, Mircea Andreescu, Vasile Ciprian Ciociu, Isac Bujor
Produced by: Smaranda Sterian, Paul Cioran
Cinematography by: Alex Sterian – RSC
Film editing by: Andrei Iancu
Category: short film
Year: 2016
Genre: drama
Subtitles: English

107,747 – Cinepub viewers


A woodcutter from a mountain village isolated by snow tries to repair his mistakes but spilled blood can only be washed away with your own.

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“He worked in advertising, he is a chronic and intolerant film addict, 1st and 2nd AD, as he needs to have some bread on the table. Film director who is able to sell the bearskin before the bear is caught to complete his pure artistic act”. This is how Ileana F. Buzea presents Paul Cioran (in IQads).

To truly discover the director Paul Cioran, we invite you to watch ”White”, a short film difficult to forget. Having the overwhelming atmosphere of a Greek tragedy applied to Romanian lands, the short film ”White” unveils a harsh world, where problems are never verbalized, and where the silences between the characters never solve their difficulties.

”White” is one of the online Romanian short films that creates the various collection available on Cinepub.


„Aurel! Leave the boy alone!”

„Do you have minutes?
I got some.
Can I have it to call the doctor?”

„Why don’t you go home, Aurel?”


  • Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival – France, 2016
  • Les Arcs European Film Festival – France, 2016
  • Autrans International Film Festival – France, 2016
  • NexT International Film Festival (Festival Friends section) – Romania, 2016
  • Florida International Film Festival – USA, 2017