A tribute to Constantin Brâncuși, and Cornel Mihalache’s second documentary film about the activity of the great artist, after “The Sculptor” from 1993.

Brancusi - by Cornel Mihalache - documentary online on CINEPUB

Directed by: Cornel Mihalache
Script by: Cornel Mihalache
Cast: Traian Rocșorean, Vava Ștefănescu, Dan Nasta, Constantin Drăgănescu
Producer: Ioan Iuga, Felicia Cernăianu
Cinematography: Alex Goldgraber
Edited by: Teodora Apolozan, Elisabeta Zamfirescu
Sound: Radu Zamfirescu
Music: Mircea Octavian
Year: 1996
Category: feature film
Genre: documentary
Duration: 77 minutes

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Using the imprints of his existence, such as photos, notes, and places that the artist was in, this documentary film follows the most important events from the life of Constrantin Brâncuși.

More details:

The film is based on real documentary text, written words, notes left for friends or in the custody of testamentary bequests. All the photos used in the film belong to the great sculptor. And the locations where it was shot are those where Brâncuși himself, or his works had actually been: his home village Hobiţa, the church Cișmeaua Mavrogheni in Bucharest, where he sang in the choir, the Romanian church in Paris, where he was a sacristan, the Chartier restaurant, where he washed glasses to support himself, Place Dauphine 19, where he lived in the attic, Montparnasse 54, or his workshop on Impasse Ronsin 11.

What critics say:

“Cornel Mihalache’s 1996 documentary is, although indirectly, on the one hand, one of the first attempts to deconstruct the patriotic image of Constantin Brâncuși, an image accepted until not too long ago by the local culture at the cost at reading his work through the nationalistic discourse, and on the other hand, a pioneering exegesis that puts Brâncuși back on the rightful proximity of the avant-garde.”

Igor Mocanu


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  • Special screening at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna, 2016


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