Fishes’ rights in a big supermarket

What happens if you need to sell and eviscerate fishes that are alive, but one of them starts coughing like a human being?

Claudiu and the Fish, by Andrei Tănase, is one of those Romanian short films that presents the special relationship between a person and an animal.

Director: Andrei Tănase
Scriptwriter: Andrei Tănase
Cast: Paul Ipate, Andrei Mateiu, Dan Lupu, Eugen Lumezianu
Produced by: Philipp Dettmer, Tudor Giurgiu
Cinematography by: Barbu Bălășoiu
Film editing by: Andrei Bălășoiu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
An: 2013
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: English

27,696 – Cinepub viewers


Claudiu works in a big supermarket at the fresh fish department. Day by day he watches the live carps struggling to move and breathe in their small, overpacked aquarium. When one of them starts coughing like a human being, Claudiu decides to take action.

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Claudiu and the Fish was presented at Cottbus International Film Festival and Transilvania International Film Festival. The short film presents Claudiu, a young man that starts to think about the fishes’ rights in a big supermarket. When he doesn’t have the management’s support, he decides to take action.

Claudiu and the Fish is one of those Romanian short films online available on Cinepub that speaks about the human beings relationship with animals. Other short films available on the platform that speak about the same theme are: The Cage and Lord, but also the feature film Domestic


“It’s a… formal demand. A reasonably sized fish-tank, at least twice as large, in which the carps would swim in decent conditions.”

“Get on the floor! Drop it and lie on the floor!”


  • Namur International Francophone Film Festival – France, 2013
  • Cottbus International Film Festival – Germany, 2013
  • Kiev International Film Festival – Ukraine, 2013


  • Special Mention, Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2013