Bribe for dad.

A short film directed by the New Romanian Wave iconic director, Cristi Puiu. „I started to make films because I liked Jarmusch. I directed this short film as a tribute to Coffee and Cigarettes”, said Cristi Puiu during the event „An evening with Cristi Puiu”. In 2016, Cristi Puiu was part of the Competition in Cannes (with the film „Sieranevada”), alongside Jim Jarmusch, who presented on the Croisette the movie „Paterson”.

Coffee and cigarets by Cristi Puiu - CINEPUB

Director: Cristi Puiu
Scriptwriters: Cristi Puiu
Cast: Victor Rebengiuc, Mimi Brănescu
Produced by: Temple Film
Cinematography by: Oleg Mutu
Editing by: Dana Bunescu
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2004
Duration: 13 minutes
Subtitles: English

102,413 – Cinepub viewers


An old man enters a restaurant in Bucharest. He takes a seat at a table where a younger man who looks like he could be a successful businessman is already eating dessert. Their short meeting shows two generations with different mentalities, but who act according to the same principle: Kent cigarettes and a pack of coffee can make the difference when you want to get a new job.

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Awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2004, Cristi Puiu, one of the most prominent director of the New Romanian wave, made this short film in 2003. „Coffee and cigarettes” captures a slice of reality in a seemingly simplistic way: a conversation in a restaurant between a father who has just been fired and his son who is to help him out.

The two characters belong to different, intersecting generations with antagonistic principles that give rise to tensions hidden beyond the father-son dialogue. What makes them both react the way they do, what’s their life story and how did they take everything that happened to them prior to this meeting up to the point where every line has a double meaning?„Coffee and cigarettes” undoubtedly ranks high in the category of multi-layered Romanian short films that hide, under a surface story, major social conflicts, being, at the same time one of those short films that best illustrate Cristi Puiu’s style.


„In Jim Jarmush’s Coffee and Cigarettes, friends meet to romanticize about their love for two savory customs. Cristi Puiu’s Cigarettes and Coffee turns Jarmush’s film around. Neither Fiul (Mimi Branescu), a young man dressed in a suit, nor Tatal (Victor Rebengiuc), his poor looking father, smoke or drink coffee as they meet in a bar to talk business.” (Moritz Pfeifer –


„Do you want to be a van driver or will you settle for something else?”
„Well, a van driver.”
„And if I can’t find you a job like that? That’s why I’m asking. If I can’t get you a job as a driver will you take something else?”


  • Anonimul International Independent Film Festival – Romania, 2004
  • Berlin International Film Festival – Germany, 2004
  • European Film Awards – 2004



  • Best European Short Film, European Film Awards – 2004


  • Golden Bear for short film, Berlin International Film Festival – Germany, 2004
  • Special Jury Prize, Anonimul International Film Festival – Romania, 2004

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