Two unexpected encounters. One turns out positive, the other doesn’t…

Directed by Sorin Poamă, the short film “A Girl I Went to School With” was rewarded a Villa Kult Award at NexT International Film Festival, 2015.

Director: Sorin Poamă
Scriptwriter: Octavian Dan
Cast: Raluca Ghența, Octavian Dan, Vera Ion, Ionuț Dulămiță, Ștefan Hotnog, Dominic Vârtosu, Alina Florescu
Cinematography by: Bogdan Marcu, Răzvan Mihalachi
Film editing by: Sorin Poamă, Bogdan Marcu
Category: short film
Year: 2015
Genre: comedy
Duration: 8 minutes
Subtitles: English

84,977 – Cinepub viewers


On Friday evening, on her way to a party, Cristina meets the guy she had a crush on while they were both in school. Although they’ve been desk mates at a certain point, he doesn’t recall her. Cristina tries to convince him to smoke a joint together, without being aware of one other thing: that same evening, a homeless woman is following her with vengeful intentions.

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“A Girl I Went to School With” is one of those Romanian short films where the awkward and absurd moments make both the characters and the viewers feel uncomfortable, but also start laughing.

Funny, with good lines and surprising characters, starting from an apparently trivial situation which develops into a shocking one, the film “A Girl I Went to School With” completes the diverse collection of shorts available on CINEPUB platform.


“I can’t believe you don’t remember… I am Cristina. I used to be short-haired.”
“You were always drawing diamonds in pencil.
Was I?”

“Don’t you give me that face, I saw it all, you can’t change that! So cut the crap.”


  • Villa Kult Award, NexT International Film Festival– Romania, 2015.