Two parallel lives. One connection.

We present to you a short film signed by Dan Radu Mihai, a story about two children who live in a village near the Danube River, located near the crossroads of Romania and Serbia, a river that divides and unite people at the same time.

Sthorzina - by Dan Radu Mihai - CINEPUB

Directed by: Dan Radu Mihai
Script by: Dan Radu Mihai
Cast: Remus Mărgineanu, Șerban Pavlu, Ana Ciontea, Nebosja Glogovac, Andrei Rotaru, Pavle Cemericik
Producers: Dan Burlac, Srdan Golubovic
A production by: Elefant Film
Cinematography by: Tudor Mircea
Edited by: Eugen Kelemen
Year: 2014
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 24 minutes

15,959 – Cinepub viewers


Two children, a gun found in the attic and an unexpected turn.

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This unusual name of this short film comes from an expression used in online video games that means “war games”. Viorel is 12 years old and he lives with his grandfather in a village near the Danube River. He doesn’t know anything about his parents, but the thought that his mother might return one day makes his days happier, while he helps his grandfather restore the figurines of an old broken merry-go-round that the old man wants to fix.

Mirko is the son of the local police officer in the village on the Serbian side of the Danube. Under the threat of an aggressive and violent father who beats him, Mirko fills his days playing on the computer in his father’s office. His favorite game is one with Second World War soldiers. His game partner is, in fact, Viorel, to whom he develops a relationship within the game. The two children have a remote controlled small boat which they use to send each over various objects. When Viorel finds a gun in his grandfather’s attic the lives of the two boys will change.

Two parallel lives, seen in the mirror, each wishing for something that the other boy has, in a world that has erased the boundaries between good and evil and blended childhood and maturity into one eternal age.


  • International Short Film Leuven, Belgium, 2014
  • International Short Film Festival, Vilnius, 2015
  • Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2015