Art demands sacrifices.

„The Bell” tells the story of two young lovers who fail to get married because a jealous villager breaks the church bell.

Clopotul by Sabin Dorohoi - CINEPUB

Director: Sabin Dorohoi
Scriptwriter: Sabin Dorohoi
Cast: Orlando Petriceanu, Constantin Dinulescu, Lavinia Munteanu, Nicolae Botezatu, Ion Haiduc, Sorin Fruntelată, Alexandru Suciu, George Horațiu Fortun, Bogdan Bulucea
Produced by: Alex Trăilă, Sabin Dorohoi
Cinematography by: Alex Trăilă
Editing by: Dan Nanoveanu
Category: short film
Genre: comedy
Year: 2009
Duration: 16 minutes
Subtitles: English

78,351 – Cinepub viewers


Somewhere, in a village lost between the hills, traditions are still respected. For instance, when a young couple gets wed, the coming out of the church must be marked by the ringing bell! It is the custom! But what can you do when someone comes and breaks your bell?

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„The Bell” situates itself in a category of classical shorts, from a narrative point of view, being at the same timeone of those Romanian shorts that approach a topic from the traditional (rural) area. Shot in several locations that suggest the atmosphere of the typical Romanian village, „The Bell” is one of those Romanian shorts that humorously portray a love story and the impediments the couple has to solve in order to get married. A movie well chosen for the collection of Romanian shorts online at


„Ever since I can remember, in a good long while, there have never been a wedding without bells.”

„Which one is the finest of all?
Yeah… yeah…”


  • Reykjavik International Film Festival – Iceland, 2009
  • Kinofest – Romania, 2009
  • Iasi Film Festival – Romania, 2009
  • Future Shorts – Romania, 2009
  • Cinema tous ecrans – Switzerland, 2009
  • Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner – France, 2010
  • Romanian Film Festival of Chicago – USA, 2011