Romanian aliens

The director of „Ilegitim”, the film that won the CICAE Award at Berlin Film Festival, signs another piece of his short films collection, a film that brings to the audience the Romanian „aliens” to the audience. With an exceptional cast, Adrian Titieni, Maria Radu and Dan Chişu among others, the film is written and produced by the actor Adrian Titieni himself.

Excursie by Adrian Sitaru - CINEPUB

Director: Adrian Sitaru
Scriptwriter: Adrian Titieni
Cast: Eric Aradits, Adrian Titieni, Maria Radu, Dan Chișu, Marela Jugănaru, Tom Wilson
Produced by: Adrian Titieni, Gabi Suciu
Cinematography by: Adrian Silișteanu
Editing by: Andrei Gorgan
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Year: 2014
Duration: 19 minutes
Subtitles: English

58,675 – Cinepub viewers


Following a TV News which announce the landing of aliens in Romania, Eugen (9) steals a camera from the shop where his father works, starts filming his everyday life and then suddenly disappears. When the boy is found, his footage is misinterpreted by the media.

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Eugene’s father is one of those parents who think that child beating makes a good education and he is also one of those fathers of boys who think they need to treat their children as a tough as possible in order to raise them to be „real men”.

Eugene is a vulnerable, delicate little boy who very soon finds a way out of his day-to-day reality that will give everyone food for thought…The images shot by the boy with a camera stolen from his father become breaking news. Aliens, human traffickers… suppositions are more and more unrealistic. Actually, the images hide something else… Something that only the father will finally get to understand.

The director Adrian Sitaru leaves his mark on a category of Romanian short films that focus on vulnerabilities that are the hardest to notice.


Are you autistic or what? Get your satchel, the boss is coming!”

„Don’t come all beaten up again.They hit you, you hit them back.”

„You handicapped, you wanna fall?
Stop calling him handicapped!”

„What kind of law is that? You’re starting searching him after 48 hours? I’ll find him cut to pieces.”


  • Leiden Film Festival – Holland, 2015
  • Golden Apricot International Film Festival – Armenia, 2015
  • “DokuFest” International Documentary and Short Film Festival – Kosovo, 2015
  • Schnit International Short Film Festival – Switzerland, 2015
  • Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival – Great Britain, 2015
  • Naoussa International Film Festival – Greece, 2015


  • ARTE Award, Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg – Germany, 2015
  • Best Short Film Award, Anonimul Film Festival – Romania, 2014
  • Special Mention, NexT International Short Film Festival – Romania, 2014

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