An Ambiguous Geographical Area

We present the short film “An Ambiguous Geographical Area, but, for Now, Let’s Call It a Delta”, directed by Sebastian Mihăilescu. The main roles were played by the actors Tache Florescu și Andrei Ciopec.

An Ambiguous Geographical Area, but, for Now, Let's Call It a Delta - by Sebastian Mihăilescu - CINEPUB

Directed by: Sebastian Mihăilescu
Script by: Sebastian Mihăilescu, Andrei Epure
Producer: Parada Film, Ada Solomon, Călin Peter Netzer
Cast: Tache Florescu, Andrei Ciopec, Costel Elvis Patan, Cristian Marian Patan, Elena Iacob, Florentina Patan
Cinematography: Toma Velio
Edited by: Sorin Baican, Bogdan Jugureanu
Sound: Ștefan Crișan
Category: short film
Genre: drama
Duration: 16 min
Year: 2016

3,820 – Cinepub viewers


Following a nearby fire, children from the Văcărești Delta are evacuated.

More details:

The children’s father, Tăutu (Tache Florescu), and his son-in-law, Bebe (Andrei Ciopec), are the only ones left. The two search for iron in the charred remains to pay for their places in the hostel with their families. But Tăutu does not want to leave the swamp he considers his home.


  • Festival Friends, NexT 2016