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Got a great story for a worldwide audience? Still plenty of time to submit your one-minute film to this year’s edition.

Filminute challenges every filmmaker, writer, animator, designer or creative producer, professional or amateur to develop and submit the world’s best one-minute films. 60 seconds — no more, no less. The entry deadline is midnight, September 15th. Filminute 2021 will take place between October 15th and November 15th. The 25 shortlisted films are subject to both a public vote and a review by an international jury – luminaries from the fields of film, arts, story and communications.

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Filminute was founded in 2005 by the Canadian documentary filmmaker John Ketchum. The inaugural festival ran in September 2006. Filminute looks for films that deliver a well-balanced equation of content, acting, dialogue, storytelling and sound design. Filminute accepts films from the categories of fiction, animation and documentary.

The best one-minute films resonate long after the 60-seconds are up. If they are really good, and like any great film, they also spur on discussion, challenge beliefs and perspectives, move us emotionally, and increase our collective understanding of who we are and where we are headed.John Ketchum

I knew John Ketchum from the advertising industry, he was one of the few educated, cultured, refined marketers. I then “sold” the first and to date one of the largest Romanian cultural marketing programs, after a pitch in which John listened fascinated to a creative presentation based on Blaga’s “Trilogy of Culture” and the theory of the undulating matrix of the mioritic space. It was the Canadian’s first introduction to Romanian culture, and later, when we discovered our common passion, film, we became friends. What he accomplished with Filminute is a six year miracle and not just sixty seconds. We are honored to continue to be partners of the festival and to present you on award-winning productions from previous years. –  Lucian Georgescu,

Among the films awarded at the festival over the years, and which you can watch on, are Rematch, George Molesag (Romania), Paijana, Rohin Raveendran (India) and Edge of Seventeen, Nuri Jeong (South Korea). On you can also watch one minute movies from Romania and from all over the world: Goodbye Mr. Nice Guy, Ana Ilieșu and Matei Branea (Romania), Punchy, Răzvan Dü (Romania), Substory, Nicolai Darre (Norway), Styx, Matt Mitchell (UK), Leo never gives up, Bálint Klopfstein-László (Hungary), Space Oddity, Seyhmus Altun (Turkey), Confession, Natalia Gurkina (Russia) and more.

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